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Principal Message

As Principal of Smt. C.K G High School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website. We thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope to provide you with some useful information.

C.K.G High School is a small school with around 500 students. Our small size is our strength as it allows us to foster a family friendly atmosphere where staff get to know all the children well. Parent participation is welcomed and we offer many opportunities for parents and families to come and engage with the children’s learning.

The school is situated in Taluka Jhagadia. It is a tribel area. Our school's purpose is to educate the children of near- by villages by offering our learners a comprehensive education from Nursery to class X.

CKG School

As the Principal of C.K.G, I am delighted that the school’s values align with my own personal values, including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community.

The curriculum emphasises the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities for all students attending our school. We believe that every learner is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life. Learners are continually encouraged to appreciate our diverse community and to care for others, and develop a concern and active respect for the environment.

We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. We continually improve the quality of tools of communication, including giving our parents access to an interactive website where they can retrieve information of academic and co-curricular activities.

We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years. Interested parents are encouraged to contact our school and to ask any questions they may have regarding our school and the programmes we offer.

Beena Joshi